April 2015, Chanel B.

"My fiance bought my engagement ring from Diamond Ideals and a few months before getting married, we bought our wedding bands. Megan and Laurent were very helpful in the process and prompt with their responses."

April 2015, Jason A., Canada

"Thank You Diamond Ideals (DI)! When I started shopping for an engagement ring for my fiancé I was clueless as to what I wanted and what was a good deal. I am from Canada and looked at numerous stores here in Canada and in the US and the price points were all over the map. I started researching diamonds and gained some confidence but during this time I began looking at and comparing online dealers and stores. During my comparisons I noticed that diamond prices for the exact same diamonds (certs to prove) had considerable differences between online and in Canada. I contacted DI to inquire on my findings and was given ample explanation as to where the savings could occur and was also given valuable information into what I had learned about diamonds and where I could save money without losing quality. I was very reluctant on spending thousands of dollars with people I had never met and on a final product I wouldn't see in hand but Megan, Laurent and the team at DI made this experience extremely comfortable. The knowledge and input I had on my purchase was more then I could have ever expected and would have gotten at any store I was dealing with. By the time I received my ring I knew exactly what I was getting, down to magnification of my diamond and the best part was that I also saved $3,000+ in comparison to what I was quoted in Canada. About 8 months after the purchase of my ring, my fiancé ended up losing one of the smaller diamonds in her setting and DI fixed the problem without hassle! I have referred DI to my friends and the total value that my family and friends family has confidentially spent with DI exceeds $35,000! I will continue to do business with DI from now on (as long as the Canadian dollar doesn't fall further) and look forward to shaking their hands personally if we are ever in NY! Thanks Again Megan, Laurent and DI, now for the wedding! Very Satisfied Customer!"

August 2014, Eric Y.

"After doing tons of research online, I thought for sure that I was going to buy an engagement ring from one of the couple large online retailers like many of my friends. However, my fiance found a setting she loved at Diamond Ideals that I wasn't able to find anywhere else. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze. Not being from NYC, we made a day trip out of going to their physical store. I thought we had made a huge mistake when walking through the diamond district to get to their store. As we walked by an endless amount of jewelry stores, we were harassed non stop by people trying to get us into their store and saying we were wasting our time going elsewhere. Thankfully that all stopped when we walked into their lobby. We had the pleasure of working with Megan who was extremely helpful and not at all pushy. They only schedule 1 appointment at a time and gave us a full hour to ask questions and view multiple diamond grades. Megan helped us narrow down our options to a few great choices, without pushing my predetermined budget. Armed with this new information, I again went online to make sure their prices were fair compared to the larger online distributors. I ended up finding the exact same GIA diamond online for more than they were selling it for, which immediately made up my mind. The subsequent buying experience was equally as hassle-free and professional. The overall experience was perfect for the both of us, and I wouldn't hesitant to recommend DiamondIdeals to my friends."

August 2014, C.L.

"I have recently purchased an engagement ring and a wedding band through Diamond Ideals. I had the pleasure of working with Megan who is very knowledgeable and helped me through the process to find the perfect ring to meet my needs. I can't say enough about the customer service that received. I would recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone looking for that special gift. The selection of loose diamonds as well as custom made rings makes this the best place to shop."

May 2014, Sesi C.

"We purchased an anniversary present (a diamond ring) from Diamond Ideals almost 2 months ago. We selected this store based on the advice of a colleague whose family had been purchasing jewellery from Diamond Ideals for a long time. Laurent was very helpful, patiently explained the 4 Cs (to myself first and then again to my husband at a second appointment), showed us a range of diamonds within our budget and as well as ring settings that best suited the stone. The ring looks stunning and prices are very reasonable too."

April 2014, David A.

"After spending several weeks learning everything I could about engagement rings, I took a trip to New York and met with several different vendors. Diamond Ideals was by far the most professional, knowledgeable and patient of them. They earned my business and this review because they took the time to understand what I was looking for, find it for me and give me the opportunity to view it in a no pressure setting with multiple industry viewing devices. This really stood out for me as some of the other vendors didn't even have viewers and were much more interested in selling me a certificate with ratings than a perfect stone. I had a great experience with Diamond Ideals and happily give them my full endorsement."

April 2014, Matthew L.

"I had an excellent experience at Diamond Ideals. I came in knowing an average amount about diamonds and was not taken for a ride. They are very honest and straightforward. The service post-purchase was also excellent. They worked with me as I kept updating my shipping plans, and are helping us get the ring re-sized. I would recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone."

March 2014, Elizabeth, Aldie, VA

"My fiance had a great experience working with [Diamond Ideals]. We live in Virginia and their store is in Manhattan, but [DI] made everything very easy and was so helpful throughout the whole process. She was very quick to respond to email and did not try to up-sell my fiance after he gave her his budget. He explained what he was looking for and she was able to show him 3 gorgeous diamonds in his price range. She took many up-close pictures of each diamond and explained which was her personal favorite and why. He ended up going with her suggestion and was incredibly pleased with the end result, as was I! The whole process went very smoothly, despite the store being in a totally different state. We will be purchasing my wedding band through them as well and are excited to get to work with them again!"

July 2013, Anne Marie

"We bought our engagement ring and wedding bands at diamond ideals. We worked with [DI] who was extremely helpful. The first meeting between my husband and [DI] was spent entirely by [DI] teaching my husband about diamonds. Despite having no promises of buying the ring from Diamond Ideals, [DI] spent a good hour just explaining how diamonds are graded. The rings are beautiful and everyone is incredibly impressed by the diamond on the engagement ring. Would absolutely recommend to everyone."

March 2014, P.W., Bethesda, MD

"I had two pieces custom made - a beautiful 2 c. diamond ring w/sapphires on either side, and a pair of platinum drop earrings that are just gorgeous and very sparkly. The ideal cut diamonds are noticeably more beautiful, but for a reasonable price. I'm very happy with both pieces!"

December 2013, P.B., FL

"I found DiamondIdeals by searching google for the specific ring model number we had seen in another national chain store. DiamondIdeal's price was half of their competitors. I contacted them both on the phone and via email and was very pleased with their service. They were attentive, prompt, and patient. They are based out of New York, and I live in Florida; yet their professionalism and willingness to answer questions gave me the comfort and trust to purchase a ring from them. A great experience. I will certainly patronize them again in the future."

October 2013, C.W.

"Excellent shopping experience with [Diamond Ideals]. My engagement ring and wedding band are fabulous!! [DI] was very patient with me and my husband. She spent a lot of time with us to ensure we got exactly what we wanted. We will definitely be back for our future jewelry and diamond purchases."

October 2013, Chris L., Canada

"I had an excellent engagement ring purchasing experience through Diamond Ideals. I would especially like to say thank you to [DI] for meeting all my demanding needs in regards to this very special purchase. Both myself and my fianceé were absolutely stunned to see this beautiful ring arrive at our house in Canada. I cannot express enough how nice it was to work with [Diamond Ideals] in selecting the right diamond for the setting we desired and the whole process of getting it to Canada. I will definately recommend Diamond Ideals to everyone.....it is also easy de to the fact that everyone Shannon meets is amazed at how "sparkly" and beautiful her ring is. Thanks again so much to [Diamond Ideals]. "

September 2013, J.S.

"Needed to find a wedding band to match a very unique engagement ring. I called DiamondIdeals and they went through their inventory, talked to some of their suppliers, got some wax molds to compare to and at the end, provided a beautiful ring that matched great in less than 2 weeks. Great customer service and product was perfect."

September 2013, Miranda W.

"I was more than pleased with Diamond Ideals, and especially Megan -- she was incredibly helpful and patient throughout the process, and, frankly, I don't think we could have done it without her! My fiancee and I didn't know much about diamonds going into this process, and [DI] was simply wonderful as she explained everything thoroughly and gave us lots of options. She listened to us carefully and got a good sense of what we wanted in terms of style, design, and price. The engagement ring and wedding band turned out simply perfect. And, we plan to come back again, as will likely some of my family members in the future."

September 2013, H.J.

"Diamond Ideals were very professional and courteous in their work with us. They are very knowledgeable and it is very refreshing to work with Laurent and Megan compared to the majority of the jewellery shops in the area. They give you the space to reach the right decision for you as the customer and this is really appreciated. And, the quality of the final product (rings and stones) was excellent. They also proved flexible to meeting our deadlines. We can highly recommend them! Thanks again!"

August 2013, Benjamin B.

"I have purchased an engagement ring from DiamondIdeals in March 2013. They have spent more than 3 hours in face to face time with me over 3 visits. I was able to view a wide variety of diamonds and ask any question I had. The explanations were very clear and straight to the point, I was really valued as a customer. The expert advice from Megan in creating a custom ring was also priceless. All in all: an excellent buying experience, at a very competitive price."

August 2013, Z.O.

"Like some or most guys out there, buying and engagement ring can become very confusing. While doing my internet research I came across http://www.findmyjeweler.com/. They gave me an honest assessment based on what I was looking for, and recommended Diamond Ideals. Of course I had my doubts, so I had other businesses I was going to contact my Diamond Ideals didn't go well. After a few email exchanges with the gemologist at DiamondIdeals. I was able to filter my options down to three rings. I made an appointment to see the rings. The advice I got was outstanding. Till this day, everyone who sees my fiance's ring thinks I spent a fortune. I had budgeted about 3,500 dollars, but it ended up even costing less. My Fiance liked the ring so much, she insisted we get our wedding ring there as well, and once again she couldn't be happier with the service. A happy fiance is all that matters. Note: Prior to my research i kinda asked my fiance what cut she didn't like : To get an estimate on her ring size. I tried on one of her rings when she wasn't looking. : She had an Inclining I was going to propose in the future, just didn't know when. You can't go wrong with Diamond Ideals."

August 2013, D.S

"Terrific experience. Really knowledgeable, helpful, great access to inventory. Will absolutely use them again in the future."

August 2013, Peter S

"I have had multiple transactions with Diamond Ideals over a 10 period. I purchased an engagement ring and 3 "baby" rings all of which were customized by Diamond Ideals. They were professional, flexible, trustworthy and creative in every instance and I never felt any pressure. All of the final products resulted in high quality original rings that we are extremely happy with. I would recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone looking for advice, guidance and high quality diamonds."

August 2013, Jared P.

"[Diamond Ideals] was great. I know nothing about jewelry [they] helped me every step of the way. Explained what the rating meant. [They] also explained why each diamond cost what it does. Will use your company again and told my friends about it."

August 2013, Jason M.

"Laurent and his team deliver beautiful pieces and I find them 100% trustworthy. I couldn't ask for anything more in a jeweler."

June 2013, C.Q

"I had a wonderful experience purchasing my engagement through Diamond Ideals. [They] made everything from finding the diamond to designing the ring simple. They only showed me the highest quality diamonds for the best prices available in NYC. Definitely, recommend Diamond ideals to my friends."

May 2013, M.B., NY, NY

"I met and corresponded with [Diamond Ideals] several times when deciding on what I wanted for an engagement ring. [They] cheerfully answered my questions and helped with my indecisiveness. My Fiance and I had a great experience when we went in and picked out the diamond together. And when I didn't see exactly what I liked, they custom made a wt gold solitaire setting for my diamond. It was delivered discreetly and quickly, although my fiance (now husband) made me wait an agonizing few days before proposing. It was beautiful! Now, as we just celebrated our anniversary, we contacted [Diamond Ideals] again. I had my solitaire reset as an 3 stone anniversary ring. I had a specific look I wanted, and they did great job recreating my custom ring! Hopefully in the years to come there will be more jewelry to follow :)"

March 2013, Keith S.

"I had an engagement setting sold by Diamondideals altered and made. I was concerned about buying online sight unseen ... After talking with them several times my concerns were nearly eliminated ... I could not be happier that I bought from them ... I have dealt with several local jewery stores and found my experience with Diamondideals much more satisifying."

March 2013, S.U., Europe

"I decided to deal with Diamond Ideals because I found the most beautiful setting from their selection. [Diamond Ideals] helped me to pick a diamond that fit into my budget. She was helpful and professional. She gave her opinion and explained me everything, otherwise I couldn't have been able to select as beautiful diamond as I did now . She send me pictures of different diamonds because I live in Europe and was not able to see the them in person. That was amazing customer service in my opinion. They even were able to send me the ring ahead of time because I was a little bit in a hurry. I just love my ring it's so pretty!!"

March 2013, Cory T.

"Bought engagement ring here and am about to purchase the wedding band next. I searched for months for the exact brand and style I was looking for. Diamond ideals not only had the very best price I could find on any of the 100 websites I looked at, but the diamonds were exceptional clarity. Way better than the junk the chain jewelry stores try to push on you. Save all the time I wasted looking at other websites and just order it from them. I also exchanged over 20 emails with them throughout the process and they always responded quickly and addressed my requests and questions. Highly recommend"

January 2013, Craig P.

"I purchased an engagement ring and a few years later, some diamond earrings. For both purchases, [Diamond Ideals] were extremely helpful. Service was fast and courteous and, particularly for the engagement ring, the advice I was given on a topic I don't know much about was excellent and led me to a perfect choice. Highly recommend using Diamond Ideals for any purchase!"

November 2012, Ken B., NJ

"I have been working with Laurent & Diamond Ideals for 19 years now and I can say that I have been 100% satisfied with each and every transaction!! The product is spectacular, the price is great, they are creative, honest & fun to deal with. I have bought several rings & pairs of earrings and other diamonds for my wife from Diamond Ideals over the past 19 years & noone comes close. I have nothing but praise for them. I wish everyone was as fantastic to deal with as Diamond Ideals is!!!!!!"

November 2012, Anna B., Mission, KS

"My fiancé and I were shopping for diamonds to put in my grandma's engagement ring and found some at Diamond Ideals. Megan was great to work with via email and so helpful. We did a lot of research and looking online and Diamond Ideals had a great selection and so easy to work with. I live in Kansas and just so happened we were coming to to New York for work and Megan was able to set up an appointment so I could see the diamond in person. When it came time to look for a wedding band, I started the online shopping again. I ended up with Diamond Ideals again. They had a band that I had never seen before online or in the stores. It was an eternity band and I was concerned about resizing it down the rode if need be. Laurent was up front and honest with me. He was able to offer a solution that worked for me that gave me the look of the ring I wanted but has the ability to be resized if needed. I love the ring and get so many compliments on it. If you are scared about buying jewelry online - don't be! Its so easy and such a better deal, "

November 2012, John H., Medford, MA

"I live overseas and was coming to New York with my soon-to-be fiancée. I contacted http://DiamondIdeals.com about a month before my trip and was immediately impressed with their attitude and service. Megan and Laurent answered countless questions and helped me pick the best diamond I could afford and a gorgeous setting. They did all the work and sent me pictures of everything. When I got to New York, I went to their showroom. I had been to New York many times and had wandered through the DiamondDistrict. Let me tell you that this was an entirely different experience. There was no pressure. They brought me the ring and I have to say that I was already impressed with the pictures but the actual ring was incredible. I am extremely happy with the service I received from DiamondIdeals. They were super professional and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them to anybody trying to buy a ring. "

April 2011, Tim B., Fairbainks, AK

"I found this business on-line, and liked the selection of engagement rings on their website after being somewhat dissatisfied with the options I found available in the small city where I live. The ring I liked was available from a couple of other retailers, so I shopped around- calling the others to ask about their rates and turn-around time (I needed my ring custom-made in Platinum in just a couple weeks, before my now-fiance left for work-related travel). After contacting two other sellers, I decided to go with Diamond Ideals. I found them best on both price and professionalism- they didn't try and sell me any gimmicks, just were responsive and engaged when I needed more information or prices, and were otherwise unobtrusive. Megan was the sales associate I worked with most closely, and she was very helpful, narrowing down my selection of diamonds based on the qualities she could observe. The ring really looks great, and they got it to me ahead of schedule. Finally, for insurance purposes, I requested an appraisal from them. Megan was able to supply the appraisal and sent it on to me at no extra cost, providing extra, consistent service even when she no longer stood to profit. That is exactly the experience I look for in retail. I started the engagement process thinking I would never buy an engagement ring sight-unseen, from a business I had no previous experience with. Now, I'm engaged and quite happy with my decision to work with Diamond Ideals (happy enough to review them!). "

August 2012, Sheldon L., Canada

"Simply Ideal - After checking only endorsed websites from theknot.com I stumbled upon Diamond Ideals and immediately got in touch with Megan. At first I was skeptical ordering online, but I live in a small Canadian town where it is quite isolated so there is not a whole lot of options. I purchased both an engagement ring and and matching band and could not be happier with the quality of the rings that I received. Not only was it convenient, but Megan was super helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly and sometimes within minutes of me sending an e-mail. I received the insured packages within days of ordering. Overall a great experience!"

August 2012, D.A., TX

"Exceptional Service - My nephew wanted to select the perfect ring for his intended fiancé. Diamond ideals had the exact ring set he was looking for. It was not easily available at local retailers. It was ordered from Diamond ideals. The personal customer service on line and by phone was exceptional. Their stones and description and comparisons made our purchasing a stone from a vendor more comfortable. I would reccomend them to others. Aunt D"

August 2012, Eric S., NY

"I purchased our engagement ring and wedding bands at Diamond Ideals and was completely satisfied with the process. I interacted with Megan and she was very easy to deal with. She was not pushy. She was able to educate me and was quick to respond to all of my questions. I choose a diamond for the engagement ring and was able to present it in a temporary ring. I then returned with my Fiancee to choose the final setting. She enjoyed that I choose the diamond and we could work together to choose the setting. I looked around and found Diamondideals to have the best selection and very competitive prices. I would highly recommend them for your jewelry needs."

August 2012, A.G., NY

"Ideal experience at Diamond Ideals. - I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Laurent and Megan at Diamond Ideals. I liked the fact that the business has been family-run for several generations. I liked the easy-going quality of my conversations, which put me at ease. I never felt rushed into any kind of decision. On their side, however, they were very prompt - both in answering my questions and in delivering my ring. And of course, it was important that I thought the ring itself was made to a very high standard at a reasonable price. I would have no reservations in recommending them to close friends."

May 2012, R.B., FL

"Extremely satisfied long distance customer - Extremely satisfied long distance customer Reviewed May 24, 2012 Verified customer of merchant - Click for more info 5/5 stars As a complete novice to the world of fine jewelry, I was initially a little overwhelmed at the selection and costs available online. I do not live in the NYC area, so my shopping was done online. Again, not only was I overwhelmed, but also a little skeptical of making such a big purchase online. After making my decision, I thought it would be wise to call DiamondIdeals to get answers to my many questions. That proved to be the best decision and cemented my loyalty to a company 2,000 miles away. Not only was Megan informative, helpful, and NOT pushy, she was patient and really put my mind at ease. As a last minute customer, she was able to have my engagement ring ready and shipped to FL in 48 hours. She also followed up via email to let me know of the status of my order. She nailed it, and I will be getting married in June 2013. Thanks DI...Thanks Megan!"

May 2012, C.S., NY

"I recently purchased a ring from here, got great value for it. Megan was very helpful throughout the whole process. She showed me the diamonds I requested (I work in NYC so I was able to see their inventory) and went out of her way to explain the 4 C's. I'm very happy with my purchase and the service I received. Hope to do business with them again! PS: The ring I purchased appraised 40% higher with an independen appraiser...def worth it! : )"

May 2012, Kristina K., NY

"We LOVE Our Wedding Bands from DiamondIdeals.com. My husband and I heard about the attentive and creative services provided by DiamondIdeals.com and just had to have our wedding rings designed by their team. We were beyond thrilled with the elegant design and quality of our beautiful wedding bands. The whole experience was simple, fun and exciting. Can't wait till we have another event in which we can work with their team to create another gorgeous piece of jewelry. Kristina & Tom, Married: 7/22/11 in New York"

March, 2012, J.K., CA

"Excellent Shopping Experience!!! Excellent customer service. Megan helped me find exactly the diamond that would look best in the Pave Halo engagement ring I purchased. She sent pictures and descriptions of several diamonds and was very quick to reply to any and all questions I had regarding the ring, diamond and process. And the ring is gorgeous! I'm very pleased with my shopping experience. Would highly recommend!!!"

January 2012, A.S., DC

"When I decided I was going to propose to my then girlfriend, I had no clue where to begin. All I had was a picture of the ring she wanted, from her cousin, and a general description. It was an emerald cut with some diamonds around the platinum setting. I knew I had to visit some jewelry stores, but decided to first look online to get an idea of what was available and how much the ring may cost. I had heard about Diamond Ideals from some friends and had also read about it in some reputable articles, so I decided to start there. Little did I know, my search would end there! After running some filters on the website, I called the phone number and spoke with Megan. I can not stress how helpful she was. She quickly realized how inexperienced I was, and walked me through every step of the way. I gave her a general description of the ring, the 4 C's grades I was looking for, and price range and she took it from there. She picked out 8-10 center stones that she felt were a good fit, and emailed them to me the next day with pictures, GIA certificates, and her personal opinions on which stones were the best based on the type of setting I wanted. We talked on the phone again, where she described every diamond to me in detail. I never knew there was so much more to a diamond than just the 4 C's! We were in communication pretty much every day, and I had picked out a center stone in a week. Next was the setting, and this is where Diamond Ideals really came through. They had ready made settings for sale but after sending Megan a picture of the ring I had, she said that they could custom make the setting to look almost identical to the picture, and to fit perfectly with the diamond I had chosen. She even sent me some composite sketches from her jeweler of what the finished ring would look like. I approved, and they began designing and making the ring. It was done and shipped out to me about 3 weeks later with the invoice and GIA certificate. And to my astonishment, it was appraised for about 35% more than what I paid for it! My fiance absolutely adores the ring, and has said it is exactly what she has always wanted. Thank you to Megan and Diamond Ideals for making the experience so pleasant. I will certainly be telling everyone to go to Diamond Ideals!"

January 2012, Joshua F., FL

"I live in NYC and wanted to shop in the diamond district to physically see what i was buying, but I didn't want to deal with the pressure and aggressive nature of most of those street level stores. I did most of my research and ring seeking online, and I really liked Diamond Ideal's settings over some of the other online dealers. I initially browsed their setting selection and diamond inventory on their website and then set up an appointment to view in their showroom. I worked with Megan who was very helpful, and the showroom visit was nice and casual with no pressure. After two appointments and viewing several settings and several diamonds in my price range, I settled on a setting, stone and prong style. It was ready two weeks later, and it looked totally stunning. My fiance absolutely loves it and truly thinks it's nicer than anything she would have picked out. Great experience and highly recommended. "

August 2011, David L., FL

"The title really sums up the whole thing. The salesperson I dealt with (Megan) was helpful, responsive, and very low pressure. She asked useful questions about my budget, style opinions, and time frame for purchase. I must have had her pull a dozen or so stones for my review and she was very quick to get me high-res photos and any additional information. In the end I had been leaning towards one stone and she recommend another that I had reviewed and it was absolutely the superior choice. The purchase went smoothly, the delivery was prompt and discreet, and the ring (I purchased a beautiful setting as well as the stone) was even more beautiful then I had imagined. I would absolutely recommend Diamond Ideals to everyone."

August 2011, Brandon C., CA

"I ordered an engagement ring setting from Diamond Ideals about a month ago and had them set the stone I already had. After browsing their website and liking their ring styles I called and talked to Megan who was nice, informed and very helpful in answering all my questions (even when I called back multiple times to get clarification) and getting me all the information I needed. After selecting a setting and deciding to order from Diamond Ideals I shipped them my stone and a week later I got a beautifully set ring created specifically to fit my rock. They even shipped it out overnight to make sure I got it by the time I wanted to propose. Most importantly, my fiance loves the ring! She loves the setting and is thrilled by how it looks. I really couldn't have asked for anything more from Diamond Ideals, they gave me exactly what I wanted."

August 2011, Brittany W.

"I had found an engagement ring I really liked at a shop in VA. A month later when my fiance went to purchase the ring he found out that they no longer sold the ring. I was heart broken. I was on theknot.com when I saw a similar style ring in an advertisement on the page, I followed the link to diamondideals.com. I was always against making such a large and precious purchase online, but THEN I saw the Cannes Heritage Custom Engagement Ring and fell in love. It was EXACTLY what I wanted, and the other ring was out of my head in a second. My fiance, also being uncomfortable making such a large purchase online, took a little convincing. He checked out the Better Business Bureau, Diamond Ideals has an A+ rating. After seeing this we called them in NYC, we talked with Megan (who was so helpful!) and she patiently answered ALL of our questions. After my fiance decided to go this route he worked closely with Megan and picked out an "Ideal Diamond" and the ring was custom made and mailed out within a month (it was July, when the jewelers take their vacation, so it took a little longer than normal). Megan was so patient, she sent us photos of different diamonds (and even more when we couldn't decide what we liked!) and different photos of the ring. The ring arrived in PERFECT condition and the quality of the ring is AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I would also like to mention that the diamond we had picked out had one small flaw and the jeweler strategically placed it under the setting so it can't be found! They were so helpful and I cannot recommend them enough. "

February 2011, Dan G., Chicago, IL

"It was fate how I came across DI. I had been working with several retailers in the Chicagoland area and it seemed like anytime I had asked for a specific setting or diamond they always brought me something different. On top of that, the costs were astronomical for what I wanted and I was beginning to think I was going to have to step it down a notch. Then I came across a blog online that referenced DI’s website. It turned out the exact setting that my fiancé wanted was on their website. I exchanged numerous emails over a couple weeks with my sales representative who patiently answered all my questions and worked through all my concerns. Slowly I became more comfortable with the idea of making an online purchase. DI’s pricing was considerably cheaper than the other retail stores I had been to and they were also very competitive to other online jewelers. The diamond took me a little longer to pick out as I could not see it in person. By researching what I wanted in the center stone and also looking at the very detailed images provided by DI, I was able to make my selection very easily using the online search tools on DI’s website. Finally, the order was complete. I had purchased a wedding band along with my engagement ring. The processing and delivery took two weeks from the time I had made my decision. I remember the day I opened the package, the rings were better than I had anticipated. I had several friends around me overlooking my shoulder at that time and from the minute we saw the bling, our mouths dropped. Since I proposed, my fiancé has received endless complements. I catch her smiling at her ring at least once a day. In the end, the appraisal of the ring turned out to be much more than I expected. This ring has definitely made an impression and I couldn’t be more proud to have given it to the love of my life. I definitely plan on making more purchases with DI in the future."

January 2011, David M., KS

"I just want to tell you how pleased I was with the gem. While the magnified pictures show the inclusion, when viewing it in a setting with the naked eye it looks amazing! The color and cut give this stone a wonderful look, I could not be more pleased with diamond for the money. I think it will end up appraising much higher then expected. I look forward to receiving the report in the mail. Thank you so much for all your help in this process. You made the buying experience very easy and allowed me to get a great gem at an incredible discount! Thanks again for all your help. "

January 2011, Eugene T., Singapore

"Being fickle-minded and a diamond idiot, I flooded Diamond Ideals with lots of questions and kept changing my mind. Nonetheless [Diamond Ideals] entertained all my requests for diamonds' pictures and answered my questions patiently. As a result of the changes, the purchase was delayed. [DI] saw that the diamond was mounted and shipped to me expeditiously so that I can give it to my wife on time. A great buying experience. Once again thanks"

December 2010, Dan B., OH

"DiamondIdeals provides excellent service and a superior selection of diamonds. My sales representative went above and beyond to address all of my concerns. She continuously provided same-day answers to all my questions with great detail. After providing my initial thoughts, diamond recommendations were sent to me along with close-ups pictures and the full array of specifications. I was at first nervous about making such a large purchase online, but in the end it was a fantastic experience and I am incredibly satisfied with the ring I received. My girlfriend said yes on Christmas Eve and she absolutely loves the ring. Thank you DiamondIdeals for all your help!"

October 2010, Travis H., OH

"I had a very good experience with Diamond Ideals. I had found the engagement rint setting i wanted and my sales representative (Megan) was extremely helpful in helping pick out a ring that fit my budget. She sent up close photos and had good knowledge of all products and was always quick to reply. My ring showed up exactly when they said it would and my fiance absolutely loved it! Everyone talks about how beautiful it is. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is nervous about buying a ring online. It was very safe and easy. "

October 2010, Judith G.

"Diamond Ideals is a girl's best friend! Seriously, I wanted to buy myself a B-Day present and D. I. created the gold and diamond earrings I had in mind--only more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. It only took a few weeks from concept to dazzling finish. They were perfect. From now on, D.I. is my birthday tradition. The older I get, the bigger the diamonds for sure."

October 2010, C.Y., Chattanooga, TN

"Excellent experience. Purchased a 1.3 carat diamond engagement ring 10/6/10. The experience was great. I picked the stone from the web site and called them. They described the stone and then sent me photos of the stone and the gia certficate. They answered all of my questions and tolerated the many phone calls. Of course I was in a hurry. Diamond Ideals worked hard to get the ring to me on time even with a holiday approaching. When the ring arrived I was stunned at its quality and beauty. On appraisal it was valued at twice what I payed for it and the jeweler doing the appraisal commented on the excellent quality of the ring and stone. I feel the price I paid for what I got was very competitive. As a side note, Diamond Ideals makes their own products so when you order they are the ones doing the work, not some contractor who drop ships a ring to you."

September 2010, Y.S., PA

"I bought a ring back in the early days of August and I planned to give it to my then girlfriend this Sunday but honestly I just couldn't wait! So I gave it to her last night and she was honestly speechless! It was pretty much the exact ring she wanted. The actual buying experience was easy thanks to George at Diamond Ideals. I just told him what I was looking for and he showed me a few different options and left it up to me to decide. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend Diamond Ideals to my family and friends."

August 2010, Matthew E., FL

"Really made the ring buying experience smooth and painless. Very helpful customer service who absolutely bent over backwards to make sure that all questions were answered and everything was completely to my satisfaction. The ring is absolutely stunning and a great deal. Definitely without a doubt the best way to get a ring....highly recommended to everyone who will listen to me."

August 2010, Martha C.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received at DiamondIdeals. In buying a loose diamond to replace my lost stone, it was important for me to get the best quality. Your knowledgeable staff were so patient and helpful. You changed what could have been a sad experience into a very positive one. My ring has never looked better! I get compliments on it all the time. "

October 2010, Michelle A., Moon Twp., PA

"We want you to know how pleased we are with the service we received from Diamond Ideals in purchasing a promise ring. [DI] took the time to explain the process and was always available when we had questions. We didn't have time to travel to NY and purchased the ring without having tried it on. It turned out even more gorgeous than we expected (which is hard to do since we loved the ring so much from the pictures online)!! The unique experience and helpfulness of the staff really made this an easy purchase. Thanks so much Diamond Ideals! "

April 2010, Patrick E., Flushing, NY

"Thank you [Diamond Ideals] for your great service, your honesty, your kindness and your patience. The ring was perfect. And the special day turned out the way I imagined and planned it. To all who read this, I highly recommend Diamond Ideals. They will make it so easy and comfortable for you that you will enjoy the experience. They have a great website and a great location for peace and quiet and privacy. I'm definitely going back to DI for my next diamond gift. Thank you again [DI], for everything. "

December 2009, Bill A., Tarrytown, NY

"Originally bought the diamond and setting in 2004 from DI, the diamond and setting are beautiful and professionally done. Over the years DI has done a wonderful job supporting their product. Last year my wife sheared off the tips of the setting, we sent it back to DI, and they did a beautiful job fixing it. This year we had a loose prong, due to normal wear and tear, sent it back to [DI], and the jeweler did another fantastic job fixing the prong and finishing the setting to look brand new. [DI] is excellent to work with and recommend them for anyone looking for an engagement ring and setting. You will not be dissapointed. "

October 2009, Petrus K., Overseas

"I found myself in a logistical crisis on trying to get my engagement ring for my fiancee on time at the right place. Diamond Ideals and the people working there were EXTREMELY helpful and very honest. Not only did they set aside other projects to expedite mine, but they advised me, saved me money, and both my fiancee and I are extremely impressed with the ring! Great job, I cannot recommend Diamond Ideals highly enough! "

September 2009, Frederic I., Dunlap, IL

"In early july I decided to buy diamond earrings for my wife's birthday. I decided on very short notice but the team did an incredible job getting the diamonds mounted and shipped within a couple of days. Excellent job, earrings are beautiful and both came with their certificates. Thank you. "

July 2009, Andrew P., PA

"I want to sincerely thank you for your help with the purchase of Tiffany's engagement ring. The ring came right on time and it was seriously so much more beautiful than I imagined. I didn't waste any time and proposed Friday night, she did say yes. I'll be sure to recommend you and Diamond Ideals to everyone. "

July 2009, Sherman L., Singapore

"The diamond was perfect. I am sure my girlfriend will like it. [Diamond Ideals] has provided me with lots of help. The shipping was fast, it left Diamond Ideals on Monday and it reach me on Friday in Singapore. WOAH! That was superb fast and good service. There were some shipping hipcups along the way, which [DI] provide additional help to me by informing me about the tracking issues. I could get the package earlier on Thursday if there weren't any shipping hipcups. But overall, I am sure I am going to be a return customer! Thank you Diamond Ideals. "

May 2009, Elizabeth C., Maryland

"We had the best experience with Diamond Ideals. My husband treated me to a visit to their showroom, and the ring created for us is spectacular. Everything came as promised. We can't wait to do it again! "

April 2009, Marvin, Orlando, FL

"I wanted to thank you for all your help with the choosing of the engagement ring and stone. The ring is more beautiful then I could ever imagine. The pictures online certainly didn’t do the ring and stone justice. I have to admit at first I was kind of reluctant to buy online, but after visiting a local major chain store here in my city I knew you were the right choice. You were always there to answer all my questions without any major pressure to buy. Again thanks for all your help and availability to answer all my questions whether it was online or on the phone. I haven’t given the ring to my girlfriend, but I’m most certain she will love it. "

March 2009, David C., NY, NY

"--it's been nearly a month since I gave the 1/2ct tw journey pendant you helped me choose to my girlfriend--but I wanted you to know that she absolutely loved it, and she's been wearing it constantly ever since. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help in choosing the perfect gift for my budget (and my politics...), and how huge a relief it was to find someone here in New York whom I could sit down and work with face to face. I'm totally satisfied with my purchase...and more importantly, so is my girlfriend. Thanks so much for all your help! "

January 2009, Phil C., Chicago, IL

"I wanted to thank you for the ring that Diamond Ideals made for me. When I opened the package my jaw hit the floor. The ring was absolutley amazing. Pictures do not even give this ring justice. When I saw it in person I was almost blinded by the amount of sparkle that was generated from all the diamonds. My Fiance absolutley loved it, and had no idea that I could pick out something so amazing. I wanted to thank you for all your help during the buying process. You were so easy to work with, and so accomodating with all the emails that I sent. I thank you for taking the time to meet with me when I was in New York, and I am extremely happy with the ring you guys made for me. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I highly reccomend anyone looking to purchase a ring online to definitely purchase from Diamond Ideals. I have already referred two friends, so hopefully they will purchase from you as well. Thanks Again,"

January 2009, John, DE

"I want to thank you so very much for the patience and service you provided to me in selecting the engagement ring that I purchased. I called and E-mailed you several times - - each and every time you provided me with a very timely response plus your honesty and patience was outstanding. By the way, both my fiance and I love the diamond and the setting. I never thought that I would buy something so imporant on-line without talking to a person face-to-face and not seeing the product. I would very strongly recommend Diamond Ideals for purchasing diamonds. I shopped on-line and at retail stores and can honestly say that none can compare to Diamond Ideals. [Diamond Ideals] representative who provided all the tremendous help. [DI}, I can't thank you enough for all the help and making what started out as being a difficult task an easy one. I wish you success, and a happy and heathy new year. "

December 2008, Kelvin, Singapore

"It was indeed a hassle-free experience purchasing my diamond ring from Diamond Ideals. I received the beautiful ring via Fedex in 7 working days. [DI}was absolutely fantastic and [they] made my shopping experience at Diamond Ideals the IDEAL one. Keep up the brilliant work - this is how you can retain customers and win new ones at the same time. I will not hesitate to recommend Diamond Ideals to my friends and associates."

October 2008, Andreas T., Norway

"WOW, it was with great excitement I opened up my UPS package on monday, only to reveal a even more astonishing ring than expected! So my fiancee was VERY pleasently surprised!:) Perfect! So thank you very much [DI], for EXCELLENT customer support and effort to bring the ring here in time! I will highly reccomend DiamondIdeals to other people. And speak warmly of the woman named Megan at their store:) "

October 2008, Natahan, NJ

"I just want to let you know that UPS brought the earrings bright and early today and they look great. Thanks so very much for your help and for the fast shipping. I think [She] will love them. I have appreciated the convenience of the whole process, from your rapid and helpful email replies to the transparent and very fair pricing on your inventory that makes the decision process easier. This has been by far my best experience with a jeweler to date. Diamond Ideals has a great business model going and I wish you and your store all the best until I come back for my next diamond gift. "

October 2008, Chann., Singapore

"Finally, I have the ring in my hand. It is so so so beautiful. .... I dare you to make a bet with me, I will stay on the side that my girlfriend will cry upon seeing it. The diamond is obviously high quality. The color, the cut, the clarity and the sparkles in it. It does really worth of the money and the waiting time. It lives up to all the promises made by your website. And the setting ring...... I can never ask for a better ring. Even though the diamond is just 0.5cts, the design of the ring makes it look bigger and adds more sparks into the diamond. The workmanship is flawless. I am loving it. I did put it on my pinkie finger to see how it shines on a real finger. :) A big "THANK YOU" to you for assisting me and guiding me through. I will come back to you again, if I need anymore diamond for my friends and family. I will recommend your website to my friends as well. "

October 2008, Steven J., DC

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that I gave my girl her ring this past weekend and the reaction was everything I could have hoped for. I had a pretty good idea of what she might like, but was still a little nervous going in. Anyway, she absolutely loved it, it looked gorgeous on her finger, the fit was great and I really couldn't be happier. Thanks again for all your help with the ordering and getting it delivered in my somewhat tight timeframe! "

August 2008, Solomon, San Mateo, CA

"This is my fourth purchases from Diamond Ideals. The earrings I purchased are not even on their catalog. I sent them a picture of the earrings and the specifications of the diamonds. Next day they locate the settings and provided me with a quote. The earrings delivered a week later as promised. My wife is very happy with the earrings. Her comment is that the diamonds look bigger and more sparkle than she expected. Thanks Diamond Ideals!"

july 2008, Eric, Chicago, IL

"I have had the diamond mounted, appraised and have given it to my Fiancee. Everyone who sees it is just amazed by it. Even the jewler who did the setting and the appraiser were stunned at the quality of the diamond. In fact, the appraiser used to it compare "an amazing diamond" to an "average" diamond to someone else who was in there inquiring about their diamond. By the end, the whole store was over looking at my amazing diamond and all the certs with it. . . . . Literally everyone is amazed at the specs on this thing. . . I can't say enough about it. I have since shopped around afterwards to find out how good of a deal I got. . . its funny, you were right,m there are VERY few stones on the market that meet ALL of the criteria: D color, super AGS 000 cut with H&A, VS2 or better and larger than 1.0ct. . . .very very tough to find. . yet you guys did and gave me a fair price on it as well. I have never been happier with any purchase I have made in my entire life. That is really saying a lot, but I just absolutely love Diamondideals. . . and [you], went above and beyond and I sincerely appreciate it. "

June 2008, Jamie W., New Hope, PA

"I received the engagement ring this morning and all I can say is WOW!!!! I must admit that I was hesitant and wary about buying an engagement ring, such a huge and significant purchase, online without being able to see the diamond and setting in person. Despite a very positive experience with you throughout, those concerns still lingered right up until the point that I opened the ring box, at which point all my worries vanished in an instant. The diamond is incredible with even more brilliance, sparkle and fire than I had expected. The setting is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what I wanted, and it complements the right perfectly. I find myself putting the ring in its hiding place only to take it out 2 minutes later to stare at it. I easily looked at hundreds of diamonds and rings both online and in person in my search and nothing I saw came close to the ring Diamond Ideals was ultimately able to provide. I looked at similar rings that were double the cost with smaller stones and settings not as exquisite. The fact that Diamond Ideals was able to provide the ring they did for the price I paid is unbelievable. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to look at different diamonds, offer completely honest opinions about each one, provide detailed pictures, work with me to create a perfect custom setting, and rush the order so I'd have it before my deadline. On a scale of 1 to 10, both the ring and the experience are easily a 100."

May 2008, Karen B., Suffolk, UK

"Thank you, especially to [DI] who answered countless emails and questions, also the service and professionalism. My ring is perfect and I would definitely recommend this company - they are as a customer serving company should be. "

April 2008, Dan L., MN

"I can’t thank [DI] enough for all the help she provided in the ring search. [They] answered countless emails promptly with professional wisdom. This was a huge purchase for me and well worth it. My fiancée and I are very elated at the results of the ring. I am quite the stickler when it comes to purchases and I found the best possible price to quality ratio at Diamonds Ideals. They were very fair and the ring appraised for 35% more than I paid for it from an independent appraiser. I would definitely use them again. Thank you for the wonderful experience! "

April 2008, Kate K., Hamden, CT

"What a wonderful experience I had purchasing a ring for my mom through Diamond Ideals. I can't say enough good things about [Them]. She was wonderful, patient, understanding and most of all, a very kind person. I explained what I was looking for and why and [They] took the extra time to find what stone [they] thought would be the best.I appreciate [their] honesty and caring. "

April 2008, Miranda B., WA

"Thank you very much for my recent diamond purchase. It is beautiful, and your service was excellent! You had the best prices I could find. I will definitely recommend DI to people. "

March 2008, Jesse B., Springfield, MO

"Overall the experience with Diamondideals was very good. I recieved superior customer service and a beautiful diamond. Everyone wants to know where we got the diamond and I am happy to tell them. On a large diamond purchase, no out of state taxes was also very nice saving a considerable amount. "

March 2008, Sue H., Richmond, VA

"I can't say enough about the education I received while serching for the "ideal stone". The folks at DI spent weeks patiently answering questions and ultimately found the diamond we were looking for and it is exquisite. "

February 2008, Barbara D., CA

"The diamond earrings that I received were even more beautiful than I had anticipated. The settings were excellent and the quality of the stones were also excellent. I was so happy with the service and the entire transaction with these people. "

January 2008, Olga, Czech Republic

"I would like to say thank you to [DI] who was very helpful and communication with [them] was excellent. The diamond ring I bought from Diamond Ideals is absolutely gorgeous and attracts a lot of attention. I had far better options for much pleasent price than I would have in the Czech Republic where I live. I was first a bit afraid of sending quite a lot of money somewhere abroad, but I do not have any doubts already buying from Diamond Ideals. I‘m very satisfied with their service and can highly recommend them. "

October 2007, Mario M., Norwalk, CT

"My experience with Diamond Ideals was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever encountered. After my house and my car, this engagement ring is the biggest purchase I have made. I shopped in person and online just about everywhere and it was the professionalism, courtesy and knowledge at Diamond Ideals that made me want to give them my business. This is the only place that offered, without having to be asked, pictures of the diamond at magnification and IdealScope images with a full explanation of what it all means. The people who work at Diamond Ideals are all gemologists, not just sales people, and I felt the difference. Nothing gives me a greater sense of comfort when making a large purchase than knowing I’m talking to an expert who is giving me a lot of information about the product while not pushing with aggressive sales techniques. I worked with [them] and [they were] a great advisor and partner in the diamond selection process. I will definitely be looking at Diamond Ideals’ selection of wedding bands and will recommend this store to friends. "

August 2007, Gina D., Las Vegas, NV

"When we got engaged, I didn't think finding the right setting and diamond would be so difficult for me. I had been to every jewelry store in town, sometimes I visited them 3 times, desperately looking for a great value and unique ring. I could not find what I was looking for but was sure I knew that when I saw it, it would jump out at me. Fortunately I searched on line and found the greatest website for beatufiul diamonds and unique settings here at Diamond Ideals. No one in town could come close to the value and brillance of these diamonds. I told [DI] about my concerns purchasing on line, but still felt confident that this was the ring I had been looking for. [DI] relieved my concerns about buying on line and assured me that I had plenty of time to really make my decision with complete confidence. When my beautiful diamond ring arrived today, I called my fiance' and met him so we could open the box together. The anticipation was overwhelming and I was truly hoping this was going to be the ring I would wear as a married woman. When he opened the box and we saw the ring and my diamond, it was brillant! He placed it on my finger and asked me again to marry him. I knew this was the ring for me and the diamond is perfect. Thank you so much! Today alone, I have told 9 different people about this great place to shop for all your diamond needs. We both want to say thanks again, [DI] for all your assistance. "

April 2007, April M., Chicago, IL

"After working with many local jewelers, and not feeling comfortable with any of them, I was directed to DiamondIdeals by a co-worker. This had to be one of the best overall client service experiences I have had! Not only was I reassured that working long distance would not be an issue, but my questions were answered thoroughly (and sometimes over and over again without complaint!). I just received my ring yesterday and to say that I am pleased is an under-statement. I LOVE IT!!!! I am so happy with the service and my ring that I will tell anyone I know to utilize DiamondIdeals! Thank you for making this whole experience a pleasure!! You are my jeweler for life! "

March 2007, Pamela, Evansville, IN

"I received my Monaco Solitaire Engagement Ring and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I have received NUMEROUS compliments about the unique styling of the ring! I am VERY PLEASED!! "

February 2007, Paul B., Las Vegas, NV

"Got the necklace on Thursday, as advertised, and gave it to my wife this weekend. She LOVED it!!! Thanks to everyone at DiamondsIdeals.com for outstanding customer service, prompt follow-up and shipment notification, and a quality product. You guys make shopping for diamond jewelry enjoyable. The best part of the whole experience is the look on my wife’s face when she saw the necklace. This valentines day/birthday was a success! "

January 2007, Jaime A., Edison, NJ

"Thank you so much for your time and consideration and for the great service. The ring was worth the quick trip to Manhattan and the wait. I don't think i would have been nearly as satisfied as I am with you guys had I made my purchase somewhere else.Thank you so much!! "

December 2006, Butch G., Clinton, CT

"I just wanted to say thank you very much with all your help. The diamond is wounderful. I am very pleased with it.We guessed correct with the ring size. My GF was blown away with the ring. You made it very comfortable buying the diamond on line I was able to see the very diamond I was buying. It was a pleasure to do business with you. The service was outstanding this has to be the very best place to buy diamonds from. "

September 2006, Dominique B., VA

"I wanted to thank Diamond Ideals [] for superb customer service, professionalism, and an amazing set of wedding/engagement rings. Strangers stop me and comment on how beautiful my ring is. My fiance was so impressed with his wedding band that he wanted to wear it before the wedding! We are both thrilled. [Diamond Ideals] was attentive, prompt, and a joy to work with. When we make our next diamond purchase, we will definitely use DiamondIdeals."

July 2006, Owen P., NC

"The diamond was amazing! My fiance was floored by the ring. I proposed to her at night, and even under the stars, the diamond still had the incredibly brilliant sparkle Diamond Ideals had promised. Their customer service is top-notch, and their diamonds are unequalled. My fiance is still mesmorized by her ring! "

June 2006, Lenny L., Findlay, OH

"I recently had a whirlwind romance that is ending in marriage. DiamondIdeals helped me to find the perfect ring and the perfect stone for the perfect girl. They were both professional and personal, which is the perfect balance for any business. They entertained thousands of emailed questions from me and responded quickly and without the slightest hint of annoyance. We naturally turned to DiamondIdeals to purchase our wedding bands, too. Even with a last minute re-sizing ordeal, they bent over backwards to make sure that I had exactly what I wanted. They might just be the nicest people in New York. Even if you can find a better deal, you will never find better quality paired with the best customer service I have ever experienced! Thanks DiamondIdeals!"

June 2006, Hannah B., Philadelphia, PA

"Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with my new diamond upgrade!!! I picked up my ring today and the center RB stone looks amazing!! The Diamond ideals elite selection ideals really live up the ideal standards and perhaps surpass them! The brilliance and sparkle is mesmerizing. The customer service we received from everyone at DI was great. Thanks for spending time with us going over a selection of RBs and patiently answering all our questions. I am so pleased that my husband purchased my original engagement stone from DI because your lifetime upgrade policy really is what it says it is, we traded in our original stone and received the full purchase price as credit to our new amazing upgrade! We look forward to making another purchase with DI in the future. "

May 2006, Eric L., Canonsburg, PA

"I am very, very pleased with my purchase from Diamond Ideals. I found the website and customer service to be extremely helpful. I did my research and picked out a 1 carat, very good cut, E color, VS1 oval diamond along with their platinum cathedral setting. I bought this diamond engagement ring for $5095.00 and had it appraised for $10,100.00!!! I would highly recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone that is interested in making a fine diamond jewelery purchase. "

May 2006, James E., CA

"A thousand thanks for making my recent purchase of an engagement ring a great experience. Despite my near-panic (I let things get a little too close to the "big day") [Dimaond Ideals] was calm and supportive throughout the process and [their] extra effort made it possible for everything to come together perfectly. Moreover, the diamond is beautiful! I couldn't recommend you more highly !"

May 2005, J.P., Maple Valley, WA

"Anyone who is interested in buying fine jewelry or diamonds, I strongly suggest you check out Diamond Ideals. After I sent them my loose diamond, they said "no problem" to setting this into their 3 stone trellis ring along with 2 diamonds of very similar characteristics that I bought from Diamond Ideals. They told me they have a shared prong trellis ring that is not pictured on their website but looks smoother and more graceful than their trellis anniversary ring. The trust level and confidence I had in them was so great I said "go ahead" with the shared prong design even though I couldn't see a picture of it before the diamonds were set into the ring. When I got the ring back, all the diamond's numbers matched those on the certificates and "WOW" the ring is GORGEOUS!! If you want outstanding customer service, there is Diamond Ideals and then everyone else because DI is 2nd to nobody."

April 2006, Corey S., Houston, TX

"Great buying experience and personalized service from DI. My Fiance' was blown away by the beauty of the custom engagement ring they made for her! Great service, great value, great experience! I will definitely make future purchases from DI. "

April 2006, Hyun-Jung., Pullman, WA

"I purchased a pendant with 0.47 ct H/ SI diamond for my sister. I was not quite sure when I placed an order about the quality of the diamond that I was purchasing (H/SI1), but, then the support from DI was very genuine and sent me proper documents that explained every details about the diamond. I was very convinced with the quality of the diamond. Yet, I was so surprised when I received the pendant. It was absolutely stunning. I could not say much. I have had a diamond oendant with exactly same size but higher qulity (VS1). However, the sparkling was more from the SI1 diamond from DI becuase it was Heart and Arrow ideal cut. Also, the SI1 diamond was extremly clean by naked eye and excellent color. So, I should say that it was perfect. The experinece I had with DI was really really great, compared to my experineces with other websites. I am sure that I will be purchasing more diamonds from DI SOON. "

March 2006, Peter G., Branford, CT

"DI has great website, great customer service, a huge variety of diamonds, and great values. I compared several websites and found Diamond Ideals to be the best overall. They were very cordial about e-mailing the 6 or so reports I requested and bringing in my 3 finalists to their salon in New York to me to examine. They spent over an hour with me helping me understand the differences between the stones and showing me settings with no pressure. While in New York I visited several jewelers, including Tiffany, where I found inferior diamonds at twice the price. I had absolute confidence in my purchase. They did a bit of a rush to set the stone in one of their very nice rings to accommodate my plans to pop the question. The ring arrived as promiced with all the documantation in order. Tip: Some GIA graded stones now come with the same documentation and laser ID as AGSL graded diamonds. Found a stone every bit as valuble as one of their "signature ideal" stones at a substantial savings. "

March 2006, Sommer R., Gainesville, FL

"The ring is gorgeous and exceeded all of my expectations! Not a day has gone by since I've worn it that I haven't received some wonderful comment on how beautiful it looks. Thank you and your jeweler for all the time and work that was put into creating it. I keep your business cards handy at work to pass on the great service and experience I had with Diamond Ideals."

March 2006, Betty N., Austin, TX

"I just want you to know [we] are very pleased and proud of the diamond. It looks even more beautiful in the setting. Thanks so much for all your time and effort. The ring looks awesome. We had an independent appraisal of the diamond and everything checked out with the lab report. In fact he thought it was between VS1 and VS2 rather than an SI1. We are very happy we found Diamond Ideals because we feel we were able to get the quality we hoped for at a better price than we might have paid for a lesser diamond. Your Miner Reports helped us feel we knew the diamond inside out and that we knew as much or more about our "internet diamond" than we could learn about the diamonds at local jewelers. We would be happy to refer anyone to Diamond Ideals. Good luck and thanks again. "

February 2006, Solomon C. San Mateo, CA

"This is my third purchases from DiamondIdeals. My first purchase is a diamond ring in year 2004, then a pair of diamond ear ring in 2005, and now a diamond pendant. Before I buy I always do a comparison between DI with other on-line vendors. As usually, after research carefully I always end up buying from DI. What I like about DI is the service and beautiful products. Very knowledgeable and responsive sales staffs. DI is highly recommended."

December 2005, Carol C., Singapore

"I've just got my engagement ring and I must say, the diamond is absolutely gorgeous! The setting is also fab! Also, being the fussy end user that I normally am, [DiamondIdeals] certainly took care of me well. Patiently explaining every bit and piece of information available, answering various questions that I had with regards to both the stone & the setting. That you so much [DI]!!! I love my ring, & I will make sure it stays on my finger forever. *wink* "

November 2005, Lynn B., Seneca, PA

"I recently purchased a pair of diamond stud earrings from Diamond Ideals. The service and attention I received from DI was (as always) outstanding, and the diamonds are simply GORGEOUS. I have purchased four diamonds now from DI, and couldn't be happier with them. Thank you again, DI, for the excellent customer service, great prices, and KILLER stones! "

October 2005, Peter C., Seattle, WA

"I can honestly say that my recent experience with Diamond Ideals is literally the best buying experience of any kind I have ever encountered in my entire life! The sales professional who assisted me with my purchase was most courteous and helpful. She was also very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. I felt totally comfortable with this online purchase because it was readily apparent to me, during my initial interactions, that this company operates a trustworthy and professional business. I'd like to commend DIdeals for the quick response times for email queries and for being just a phone call away for instanteous answers. Furthermore, she took the time to answer each and every one of my questions honestly, thouroughly, and accurately. All in all, the service I received was truly of world-class calibre. The diamond I purchased from their Elite selection is simply stunning! Its performance exceeded my already high expectations and I highly recommend others to also purchase their Elite diamonds as they are simply among the best of the best available in this world! As a student on a tight budget but with a discerning eye for quality, I am happy to report that Diamond Ideals' prices are virtually unbeatable. The closest competitor for the same quality diamonds cost at minimum 5 to 10% more than DIdeals! The 30 day unconditional return policy is a great fall back for those who are hestitant to make large online purchases. However, I am confident that DIdeals sells such high quality diamonds at such competitive prices that they are rarely, if ever, returned for any reason! It was an absolute pleasure dealing with DIdeals and I would not hesitate to recommend them to all of my friends and relatives. Thank you DIdeals for helping create the perfect diamond engagement ring for my fiance!"

July 2005, Darren W., UK

"Simply the best!! I trawled the web for months before taking the plunge. DI has the best quality products and prices you can find. In addition their customer service is outstanding and they were the only company I felt comfortable enough to make an on-line purchase. We were not to be disappointed, the diamond was truely awesome and I would not have to think twice about my choice of vendor, if I were ever in the market for another diamond. Proud to be a DI customer."

August 2005, Matt Y., CA

"I recently purchased an engagement ring from Diamond Ideals and I can't say enough good things about the whole experience! I was admittedly extremely nervous about conducting such a purchase on the net, but my sales person was very, very helpful and constantly sent me updates throughout the entire process. And as I had waited until almost the last minute to make a purchase, they were able to get the diamond mounted and sent to me in a very short time. I would definitely recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone in the market for a diamond. Their prices and customer service are top notch! "

August 2005, Pieter F., Netherlands

"The diamond arrived last Thursday in good order, together with the certificate.It is as beautiful as you described. Doing business with you has been a real pleasure, thanks to your service, speedy shipment and, most important, the excellent quality of the diamond. I will recommend you to friends and collegues. "

July 2005, John S., Toledo, OH

"I just completed my first online diamond purchase and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with you guys. Diamond Ideals was by far the most responsive of the online vendors I approached. Your prices were extremely competitive and I have never experienced customer service as good as yours. I’m telling all my buddies about you guys. You went out of your way to track down exactly the diamond I wanted. Had no issues with my changing my mind twice! And guided me into the perfect ring for my fiancée. While I waited for the box last week, I admit I had second thoughts. This was a huge purchase, but when I opened the ring box (which was gorgeous btw) all my doubts disappeared. Long story short, I proposed over the weekend. She said YES. And she loves the ring. It took her about three seconds to see the pink diamonds on the side of the St. Tropez ring. Great suggestion. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have made a customer for life! "

May 2005, Joy L., Greenville, SC

"I just wanted to let you know how happy and satisfied I was with my diamond purchase. I was very unsure about purchasing on the net, I like to see what I am buying. .... I went to local jewelry stores. They were very expensive. They also tried to discourage me from buying on the net. I was told that I could never buy a diamond of the quality I purchased from you for the money I wanted to spend. I purchased a hearts and arrows 1.50 carat, G, VS2 diamond. I have taken this stone for a formal appraisal. The stone was exactly what the AGS certificate stated and what your sales person promised. All facts and no fiction. The appraiser was very pleased with the stone. He remarked several times on the perfect cut, fire and brilliance of this stone. He also stated that the price was just as nice! The person that helped me at Diamond Ideals was just the very best!! I felt I was given a very honest opinion of the stones I considered. I looked at four other stones. Your staff took lots of time and effort to look at each stone and compare. I was also sent information on each stone to make my decision easier. All questions were answered with honest answers. My sales person was very knowledgeable about diamonds and concerned about my needs. I grew comfortable with my purchase quickly. My final transaction went very smooth with no hassles. I feel like I have a personal diamond shopper! I will highly recommend Diamond Ideals to everyone I know! "

May 2005, Randy N., Maryland

"I recently purchased a diamond from Diamond Ideals, and I must say that I am very satisfied with the entire experience. [They were]very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and honest. I had been doing research... for about a month when I stumbled upon my fiancée's diamond (.806, VS1, F, H&A)... Upon receiving the diamond, I was mesmerized with the amount of light return, fire, and scintillation - the diamond was even more beautiful in person. The appraisal process also went extremely well, for the diamond appraised at 1 1/2 times the amount I purchased it for. If you are hesitant about purchasing from this company, please don't be, I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best experience I have ever had with online buying - and I've had quite a few. This company has great people, excellent prices, superior service, and they really care about their customers."

December 2004, Dwight W., Gulfport, MS

"To everyone looking to purchase diamonds I would highly recommend Diamondideals.com. The service was excellent with timely e-mails to keep me updated on the progress of the order. The customer service was excellent and I am overall pleased."

October, 2004, Ryan., San Ramon, CA

"The FIRE in this diamond is phenomenal!!! I think the light performance in this diamond without question outweights its SI2 clarity. I have bought other BRANDED H&A "Super Ideal" round brilliants that had exceptional "numbers" on paper, excellent IS image, triple VH on brilliance Scope, extremely tight variances on Sarin report, and excellent Isee2 numbers, from other Pricescope's vendors but none of them compares to the light performance of this diamond. But it was not the quality of this diamond that impressed me most about DiamondIdeal, instead it was your promptness to requests and personal touch that sets DiamondIdeal far above other vendors."

September 2004, Sara W., CA

"You came highly recommended. I knew I could trust this online vendor to purchase my diamond from. I have to say, I've dealt with several vendors and it was clear from the start you insist on providing nothing but the best customer service! Your prompt responses to my numerous questions and nonpushy assistance in choosing the right diamond was very much appreciated. I really understand why so many people have enjoyed working with you! As for the diamond, I purchased a 0.63, I color, S1 clarity stone for a pendant. The diamond is absolutely stunning! This is the first diamond that I have purchased in the "I" color range and due to it's superb cut, it is extremely white. I get so many compliments on it....and it shocks people when they find out that it is not a carat...on my neck it looks positively huge. Once again, I wanted to thank you diamondideals for a terrific buying experience! This is the kind of experience that enables educated consumers to buy diamond online, unseen with the upmost confidence! Thanks "

September, 2004, Terance C., San Fran., CA

"The service at Diamond Ideals was very prompt and professional. I sent my initial inquiry over a long weekend. Before the holiday was over, I already got a reply, followed by detail information and pictures the next morning. The beautiful pendant I ordered was completed and arrived in a very well packed parcel only two days after I placed the order, beating my very rush three days deadline. Diamond Ideals has made my experience pleasant and easy, and I’ll certainly consider Diamond Ideals again for my next diamond purchase. I have to mention, watching my wife find the new diamond pendant on her neck when she woke up on our anniversary is priceless! Thanks a lot!"

September 2004, Melissa M, CT

"Thank you DI for all of your patience, information, and excellent customer service! My K color diamond is absolutely gorgeous, and faces up VERY white even to my discerning eye! It truly is a beautiful diamond. I love the symmetry of the H&A cut. Your company has the best values I've seen online! Thank you again for everything."

August 2004, Duff D., Canada

"What an exciting day! I went and picked up the package at UPS. After ripping it open I was delighted to see the sparkling rock in all its glory. As you said it is eye clean and great! I took it to an appraiser yesterday and he said he probably would of rated it a VS2 and not the SI1 on the cert. Everything else matched up perfectly! Thank you for all your time and effort. I will highly recommend you to all my friends! "

August 2004, Dan P., CA

"Thank you for your assistance with our purchase. I was expecting a better diamond for a better value, but nothing like what we got. We showed it first to my sister, a certified gemologist. She's also getting engaged and is shopping diamonds from all over Southern California. Nothing she's seen even comes close to the clarity or sparkle of ours. Then we showed it to my fiancee's mom, a collector of investment grade diamonds. Known for her understatedness, she beamed with pride at seeing it, commenting on the vibrancy of the stone and the quality of the setting (thank the jewler for us). Topping this off was an appraisal, from the local Tiffany & Co. They said they don't carry diamonds of this quality and would have to special order it, charging $17,000 in the process, more than twice what I paid from Diamond Ideals. A month ago I'd never heard of loose diamonds or ideal cuts. Having done my homework, I wouldn't buy any other way or from anyone else. That they're conflict free just seals the deal. "

August 2004, Elaine C., Williamsburg, VA

"Everything looks TERRIFIC!! I am so very pleased. Many thanks for the excellent customer service and attention to detail. My online shopping experience has been absolutely superb! I look forward to passing your name along to anyone who may wish to purchase high-quality diamonds."

July 2004, Phil S., S. Glastonbury, CT

"[I] just received my diamond from diamondideals.com and it's beautiful. . . . The people were extremely nice, and i couldn't have put together the ring i wanted if i had bought at a local jeweler. . . . [T]o anybody thinking about purchasing online, don't sweat it. Save some money and do it, and you can buy your loved one a better or larger stone."

July 2004,Steve,C., Miami, FL

"Thanks so much for all your time and assistance. Just so I wouldn't ever wonder "what if?", I had my other diamond options delivered here and did a side by side blind comparison with another person. Each were labeled on separate spring rings, and we looked at them in different light sources, mixing them up as we went along. Consistently, we both picked the 1.16 H Si1....it's a beautiful diamond and I thought it will be my best choice. Now, I can sleep easier and KNOW it was. "

July 2004, Rich M., Brooklyn, NY

"I'd just like to add to the many positive posts about Diamond Ideals . . . I got a great 1.02 carat G VS2 H&A with a custom Tiffany setting in platinum at DI. . . . My fiancée and I were really happy with the results. The stone looks far more enormous than we expected in a beautiful 6 prong. . . . I feel I got some bang for my buck at DI. I fell in love with the stone . . . and most of all, my fiancée loves it."

June 2004, Dave K., Snohomish, WA

"The earrings are beautiful. . . .Diamondideals enabled me to purchase larger diamonds and a higher grade (same color and clarity, but much better cut and finish) than I thought I would be able to. I was somewhat leery of making this type (and size!) of purchase without actually seeing the diamonds, but you made this an easy decision. The diamonds look great! Thank you for all your help and the great customer support. I am very pleased."

June 2004, Solomon C., San Mateo, CA

"Thanks for helping me to select the beautiful diamonds earrings. My wife is very happy with the selection."

May 2004, Lynn B., PA

"I got the diamond from Diamond Ideals this morning. I opened the package and fell in love. I am not kidding. It was so incredibly gorgeous, it took my breath away. I can't say enough good about DI, either. DI knew I was working with my local jeweler, too, and was very respectful and seemed genuinely happy for me, whichever stone I chose. I never felt pressured at all. DI took the time to pull the stone and look at it, giving me a thorough, in-depth phone report. They never tried to hard-sell me at all. They were always only courteous, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. "

May 2004, R.F., NJ

"Woohoo! I got the ring today and finally got a chance to look at it. It looks AMAZING. The sparkle is out of this world and thus far I've yet to spot a single imperfection with my Superman Eyeballs. I must say a final thank you to Diamond Ideals for their superb customer service and patience. "

May 2004, Grace Z., Flushing, NY

"DiamondIdeals is wonderful to work with. They are extremely patient and accommodating. Super fast when responding to my questions and kept me informed on the status everyday. I didn't feel pressured at all when making my decision. I will recommend DiamondIdeals to anyone! "

June 2004, Jim B., Sacramento, CA

"I just received my beautiful H&A diamond this morning. I was very pleased with the ring and the prompt, professional service . . . . I will be spending the rest of the day showing . . . my beautiful diamond ring from Diamondideals.com. Thank you so much for your outstanding service. I will tell everyone I know about your company."

April 2004, Matt K., Binghampton, NY

".485 carat, D/VS2, H&A . . . for $1,505??? I jumped on it, fearing it would be gone "in minutes". Then I kept waiting for the catch. No catch--it's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! . . . set in a simple Tiffany style, 6-prong platinum band . . . looks fantastic, and really shows off the diamond. [Diamondideals] is this incredible combination of friendliness and professionalism. [They] worked through every question I had, and took care of me every step of the way."

May 2004, Ryosuke K., Tokyo, Japan

"I would like to thank . . . Diamondideals for all [their] help in finding me the perfect stone!! [Diamondideals] has been very very patient [and] helpful with my purchase and I would recommend [them] for anyone buying a stone. We decided on a 0.80 E VS2 which is absolutely wonderful and had it set on a 6 prong platinum ring."

May 2004, Lindsay O., San Jose,CA

"I just wanted to drop you line and let you know that i set the stones and the ring is complete! It looks amazing! Needless to say, my mom loved the ring! just loved it! I just wanted to thank you again for all you help and fantastic customer service. I dont think this project would have been completed on time if it werent for your help, so thank you very much! "

May 2004, Rachel S., San Francisco, CA

"The appraiser was very impressed with the diamond. He told me it was a great stone and well worth the money. I can’t wait to have it mounted so I can wear it! "

April 2004, Brad A., Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! She accepted my proposal! I was really nervous about buying a diamond ring over the internet, but you made me feel at ease with all your helpful advice, pictures, etc. I am very particular about diamond quality and am ecstatic at how gorgeous this diamond is -- and that she said yes! ;-) "

April 2004, Cleo S., Cleveland, OH

"All I can say is wow! I absolutely adore my earrings. They are without a doubt the most beautiful pair of earrings I own. I will definitely recommend Diamond Ideals to everyone. Your company has the best value and the best customer service I’ve come across. "