Updated: 4/19/2014

Unlike most retail jewelry websites, Diamond Ideals has a rich and long history in the gem trade that dates back long before the creation of the internet. In fact, 2010 marked our family's first 100 years in the diamond and jewelry industry. Our team of knowledgeable professionals has been in the diamond trade for three generations, and we've maintained operations throughout the world. Originating in Belgium, our family has been integral to the diamond business since 1910, establishing cutting factories in New York, Antwerp, Lisbon, Johannesburg and Tel Aviv.

Our knowledge of the diamond market is unsurpassed. And, we put our expertise and connections to use to bring you your ideal diamond and setting at the best possible price. Our friendly staff is comprised of highly trained industry professionals and gemologists who can help you in every aspect of your diamond jewelry purchase. Our seasoned experts are eager to guide you and help you create your ideal ring or future heirloom.

At our Manhattan salon or on our website, you can browse our galleries for the largest selection of styles and stones. Most of our pieces are custom created to perfectly complement your choice of center stone, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, that's OK, we can create it.

Our mission is to provide you with your ideal piece of jewelry. Through education and unparalleled customer service, we will become your family jeweler for life.

Custom Jewelry Design

Diamond Ideals is proud of the vast selection of engagement rings and wedding rings it offers. We are aware that it is impossible to predict exactly what everybody might want and realize that satisfying your desire is our ultimate goal. To that effect we are able to create virtually any piece of jewelry you can imagine. Custom engagement rings are our specialty. If you can envision your ideal design, we can create it.

We can modify any of our existing designs or create something totally new. Ultimately your engagement ring will be unique. We do not mass manufacture engagement rings and we do not use prefab rings where you just set the center stone. We leave this kind of sub-par service to the "maul" stores.

At Diamond Ideals, every ring is individually created to be in proportion to your chosen center stone. Quality control is something we take seriously and as such we guarantee our jewelry against manufacturing defects. Your complete satisfaction is our ideal goal.

Diamond Ideals can deliver from a vast selection of Ideal Cut and premium cut diamonds and offers a variety of beautiful jewelry at competitive prices. We provide the information you need in order to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Elite Selection Ideal Cut Diamonds

Our selection of Elite Ideal Cut diamonds have tremendous brilliance and scintillation, each backed by an AGS Diamond Quality Document, showing Ideal specifications for performance, polish, symmetry and proportion. All Elite Selection diamonds larger than 0.7 carats are accompanied by an original Gemex BrillianceScope Report attesting to their superior brilliance and performance. We laser inscribe every Elite Selection Diamond with its own unique AGS certificate number.

AGS Diamond Laser Inscribed

Every Elite Selection Diamond comes with a Lifetime Upgrade policy. This will allow you to trade your diamond in for a larger one in the future. The full purchase price of your Elite Selection Diamond will be credited toward the purchase of a larger (at least $1000 higher value) Elite Selection Diamond or toward the purchase of a non-Elite diamond of at least double the original cost of your Elite diamond.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, our 30-day, no questions asked return policy and free second-day insured delivery service.

Buying a diamond for yourself or someone special is an important, emotional decision. By providing you only the finest stones at the best prices, we make your buying experience, fun, informed and satisfying.

Updated as of Jan 2014: Our Elite Ideal Cut Program is being discontinued as the new GIA and AGS grading reports provide just as much information without the need for the additional technologies. We will continue to honor the Lifetime Upgrade Policy of previously sold Elite Ideal Cuts.

Sourced Ideal and Premium Diamonds

In addition to our exclusive Elite Ideal Cut diamonds, we also offer a selection of over 30,000 round and fancy cut diamonds. These diamonds are sourced from various local partner manufacturers. Your choice of these stones can be brought into our store, free of charge, and reviewed by our gemologist before your purchase. As opposed to most other internet sellers who never actually look at the diamonds they sell, we never drop-ship. Every stone gets carefully reviewed in-house. Once your selection has been narrowed, we provide you with digital images to help you make your final decision. Because we do not have full control of these Sourced Diamonds, their availability is subject to prior sale. Delivery time on these diamonds runs from 24 to 48 hours.

Our 30-day, no questions asked return policy and free second-day insured delivery service apply to our Sourced Diamond selection as well.

All GIA and AGS graded diamonds qualify for a Lifetime upgrade. For diamonds with a purchase cost of $3500 or more, the full purchase price of your original diamond can be applied toward the purchase of a new diamond of at least double the amount of your original purchase. For diamonds with a purchase cost of $3499 or less, 50% of the purchase price of your original diamond can be applied toward the purchase of a new diamond of at least double the amount of your original purchase. No discounts can be applied to the upgrade. Settings are not included in this upgrade policy, but the scrap value can be applied toward a new setting. Your old setting cannot be applied toward a new diamond. EGL graded diamonds do not qualify for any upgrade policy.