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With this ring I do thee wed. The ideal symbol of eternal love.

All prices quoted are for ring settings only. To find a diamond for your setting please search our inventory of loose diamonds.

Wedding Bands
Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Zen Wedding Band:
Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Zen Wedding Band
Style# 71-29290

Furrer-Jacot Wind Swirls Wedding Band:
Furrer-Jacot Wind Swirls Wedding Band
Style# 71-29300

Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Wedding Band:
Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Wedding Band
Style# 71-29260

Furrer-Jacot Brushed Wedding Band: Furrer-Jacot
wedding band
brushed gold
Furrer-Jacot Brushed Wedding Band
Style# 71-29400

Furrer-Jacot Link Wedding Ring: Furrer-Jacot,wedding band,wedding ring,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Furrer-Jacot Link Wedding Ring
Style# 62-51770


Classic yet elegant, simple yet profound.. A wedding band can mean so many things. This representation of a couples love is an everyday reminder of just that. Finding a wedding band thats right for the both of you is essential. All aspects must be considered when purchasing a wedding ring. Look, comfort and durability should be factored into your decision making as this perfect band of love will become a part of your life.

At Diamond Ideals we have many wedding rings to choose from including a full selection from our Riviera Ring Collection as well as all the classic styles: half round, flat, knife edge, diamond eternity bands, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. We also feature gorgeous styles from famed ring designers Martin Flyer and the To Have and to Hold collection.

Diamond Ideals is committed to helping you find exactly the right wedding band for you. Please browse our selection below or contact us.