Since 1858, Schaffhausen-based manufacturer Furrer-Jacot has been specializing in customized engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and wedding bands. Individuality, craftsmanship, a love of detail and a passion for design are of central importance. The marriage of century-proven handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology produces outstanding and very exclusive results, providing an unparalleled experience for the acquirers of a Furrer-Jacot ring.

Furrer-Jacot Wind Swirls Wedding Band:
Furrer-Jacot Wind Swirls Wedding Band
Style# 71-29300

Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Wedding Band:
Furrer-Jacot 3 Color Carbon Fiber Wedding Band
Style# 71-29260

Furrer-Jacot Brushed Wedding Band: Furrer-Jacot
wedding band
brushed gold
Furrer-Jacot Brushed Wedding Band
Style# 71-29400

Furrer-Jacot Link Wedding Ring: Furrer-Jacot,wedding band,wedding ring,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Furrer-Jacot Link Wedding Ring
Style# 62-51770

Furrer-Jacot Triple Band Wedding Ring: Furrer-Jacot,wedding band,gold ,platinum,palladium,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Furrer-Jacot Triple Band Wedding Ring
Style# 62-52470