Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces

Heart felt and perfect for all occasions.

All prices quoted are for settings only. To find a diamond for your setting please search our inventory of loose diamonds.

Cartier-style Diamond Heart Pendant: Valentine,heart,pendant,Cartier,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Cartier-style Diamond Heart Pendant
Style# IN-PP2286

Heart of Gold Pendant: ,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Heart of Gold Pendant
Style# IN-PP2290

St. Tropez Three Stone Pendant: St. Tropez,pendant,gift,three stone,platinum,gold,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
St. Tropez Three Stone Pendant
Style# ST3PEND

Changeable Emerald Cut Pendant: ,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Changeable Emerald Cut Pendant
Style# CHMAP038

Changeable Oval Cut Pendant: Changeables,Fashion jewelry,gold,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Changeable Oval Cut Pendant
Style# CHMAP053