Hearts and Arrows Viewer

Hearts and Arrows is a visual phenomenon that appears in the finest Ideal Cut round brilliant diamonds when viewed in a Hearts and Arrows viewer or gemscope. Diamonds cut with precisely aligned and carefully shaped facets combined with optimum proportions produce an incredibly brilliant sight, called Hearts and Arrows.

Perfect Hearts and Arrows with Viewer

The viewer is merciless when it comes to any deviation from perfection. Any detour from the correct path of light will result in the deformation or absence of either the hearts or the arrows. This device, as unassuming as it may appear can clearly show even the untrained eye how well or how poorly a diamond is cut.

Diamond Ideals will give you (FOR FREE) a Hearts and Arrows viewer with every purchase of a Hearts & Arrows diamond larger than 1.0 carats.

OGI Megascope and Sarin

The OGI Megascope and Sarin are high-tech, Electro-optical device used to analyze the cut parameters of precious stones. The software associated with this high-tech device makes several types of analyzing functions available. The technology has the capability of analyzing each and every facet as well as the diamond's diameter, crown angle and height, pavilion angle and depth, culet size, culet placement, table size, table placement, table depth, girdle thickness and other relevant characteristics.

Please note, these analytical devices have a measurement accuracy of 0.2° for the crown and pavilion angle, 0.3% for the table and 0.015 mm for the diameter. Therefore, results may vary slightly between machines. We consider the AGS and GIA grading reports to be the authority when analyzing proportions. With the introduction of the AGSL’s performance based grading as well as the GIA cut grade with specific data on their reports, we find the information provided by OGI and Sarin fairly irrelevant unless you are re-cutting a stone.

AGS certificate


The IdealScope is a red reflector device that helps visualize the cut quality and performance of diamonds. This little device shows you areas of light leakage in diamonds you are considering for purchase. Light leakage can be seen as areas of pure white within and around the diamond. It is important to note that all diamonds have some leakage, particularly under the table and around the diamond's edge. This minor leakage is seen as pale red areas or small white wedges near the edge of the diamond. What is important is to notice the presence or absence of large white spots in the IdealScope image. Large white areas are an indication of significant light leakage.

The pictures are not taken with scientific accuracy but are set up manually, leaving room for small optical inconsistencies.

Below is an IdealScope chart depicting the difference between excellent and poor performing diamonds.

Ideal-scope Reference Chart

Ideal-scope Reference Chart
Chart created by Ideal-scope.com

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