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All prices quoted are for settings only. To find a diamond for your setting please search our inventory of loose diamonds.

4-Prong Earring Stud: Earrings,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
4-Prong Earring Stud
Style# 4P

3-Prong Earring Studs: earrings,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
3-Prong Earring Studs
Style# 3P

14 Stone Cluster Earrings:
14 Stone Cluster Earrings
Style# ADE4635

Delta Earrings: Earrings,delta,three stone,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Delta Earrings
Style# D3ER

Bezel Drop Earring Jackets: bezel drop earrings,diamonds by the yard,gold platinum,earrings,earring jackets,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Bezel Drop Earring Jackets
Style# ERJBD