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All prices quoted are for settings only. To find a diamond for your setting please search our inventory of loose diamonds.

Newbury Button Diamond Earrings: Newbury,earrings,gold,platinum,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Newbury Button Diamond Earrings
Style# DQNBY0752-ER

Wave Drop Earrings: earrings,Newbury,platinum,gold,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Wave Drop Earrings
Style# DQWAV0750-ER

Fleurette Custom Cluster Diamond Earrings:
Fleurette Custom Cluster Diamond Earrings
Style# CUSTB0122

Scintillating 3st Graduated Earrings ER1484: ,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Scintillating 3st Graduated Earrings ER1484
Style# SKTER1484

Scintillating 3st STraight Earrings ER1483: ,engagement rings,diamond engagement rings
Scintillating 3st STraight Earrings ER1483
Style# SKTER1483