The most expensive part of diamond jewelry is the diamond. In order to purchase the diamond within the size, shape, cut, clarity and price you can afford, it is much easier to select the diamond first and then have it mounted. Evaluating the diamond is easier to do when un-set and sometimes the size, shape and color will determine the right setting. To evaluate a loose diamond, a series of devices are used to evaluate the fire, brilliance and cut. To learn more about these tests or grading tools, please see our "Evaluation and Grading Tools" section of the site.

Ideal Diamonds are graded to have achieved Ideal specifications for polish, symmetry, proportion and performance: as a result they will have tremendous brilliance and scintillation.

Buying a diamond online

Purchasing a stone online can be difficult because you cannot see the stone "live". This is why Diamond Ideals provides as much information as possible on each diamond including pictures not offered by most jewelers. We've also provided an extensive education section to help you understand just how diamonds are graded so you know how to use the information to your best advantage.

More and more consumers are purchasing diamonds online. The ability to access large diamond inventories, the ability to compare relevant specifications and the ability to do so from the comfort of your own home, all contribute to making your experience much more enjoyable than the high pressure tactics of more traditional jewelry stores.

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