Your renter's or homeowner's insurance probably offers coverage for theft of jewelry, but do you know your policy's limitations?

Insurance companies usually require an extra rider clause to your homeowner's policy for any jewelry valued over $300.00 and will probably require documentation of all jewelry items — this means appraisal or Certificate. If you do not have a Certified Diamond with a proper Diamond Report and only have an appraisal, this could be a problem. An Insurance Appraisal, which values a non-certified diamond, is only someone's opinion of the diamond quality grading and value, leaving much room for interpretation when the issue of diamond quality is being addressed, as a result, your Insurance Company might attempt to replace your diamond with a lower quality diamond. Thus, a diamond that has a Grading Report allows no room for misunderstanding on anyone's part when it comes time for replacement because of loss or damage. The Insurance Company is required to replace all items in "LIKE AND KIND" no excuses no deviations of quality or size regardless of current market prices.

Be sure that you get your diamond insured immediately and that your insurance covers you for the damage, loss and current replacement value of your diamond.

If you do not have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, you can still insure your ring. Although not the only company to do this, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has created a strong niche in this market. The rates vary between $1 to $4 per hundred depending on a number of factors. Visit for a free insurance quote or to apply online. If you have any questions, please call Jewelers Mutual toll free at (888) 884-2424.

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